Saturday, 20 July 2013


The beautiful summer skies at the moment remind me just how much I love the colour blue. I thought I'd celebrate all things blue with a little collage of my favourite blue things from around The Little House:

1. This pull-along elephant was a favourite toy for our girls when they were toddlers but now he sits on the wooden toy box waiting for younger visitors to take him for a walk. I love traditional wooden toys and he is a very handsome example with his soft leather ears and red felt saddle.  Elephant is big enough to carry small dolls and can sometimes be found transporting Lego bricks. 

2. These seaside cups were bought while we were on holiday in France many years ago BC (before children) when we didn't think twice about browsing in a compact shop full of breakables.  They are great for morning coffee with lots of room for croissant dipping. 

3.  Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' - well, just because really - I do like to sing  wail along to this CD in the car. Though it has to be said, that the lyrics to pretty much every song on the album contain the most random and bizarre of metaphors.  Take one of my favourites, Case of You, with the line - 'I live in a box of paints' ! 

4 & 7.  This big beautiful bowl was a wedding present.  We've been married nearly 20 years now and it has survived seven house moves intact. The lamp from Royal Copenhagen was also a wedding present from the Danish side of the family.  I love the way the sunlight shines through the crystal. Amazingly, this too has survived the many house moves and the cat's very best attempts to knock it over. 

5. Our shower room window looks out over the sea and so it seems appropriate to have a seaside theme. This mobile used to hang in H's room but she's all teenage glamour now and has left her dolphin obsession behind.  Mind you, when the North Sea wind blows and the window is even a smidgen bit open those dolphins end up in a right tangled state!

6 & 8.  Talking of obsessions, our house is full of seahorses.  Our wedding invitation had two seahorses with tails entwined (it is thought that seahorses bond for life so it's a popular romantic image) and subsequently we are often given, and buy for each other, seahorse-related presents and anniversary gifts. The framed embroidery is a souvenir from a little gallery of hand-crafted delights on the Isle of Skye and the last image is , in fact, a ceramic mold and a present from my sister-in-law.  I have never dared to use it as such and prefer to admire it hanging on our kitchen wall.


  1. I love your seaside cups - gorgeous blue!

  2. I love your bowl and lamp. The sea near you is looking very blue at the Open on the tv. Husband just back, had a great time and raved about the scenery in your area. Julie x