Saturday, 16 August 2014

Word of (last) Week: Results

I'm rather late with this word of the week - a whole week in fact. Although most of the news in Education this week has been about A Level results, here in Scotland we received results for both National 5 exams (equivalent to GCSEs) and Highers (like A levels) back on the 5th August. That may seem terrifically early but then we broke up for summer hols at the end of June and most pupils are back to school next week (next week! Eeekk!)

It's funny that in all the talk about Scottish independence it is often forgotten that we already have, and always have had, an independent education system with a separate exam body. It was one of the main draws for me in wanting to move back to Scotland - an escape from dreaded SATs, Ofsted and league tables. The first proper external exams are not taken until S4 here (year 11) and this year was the first of the new style exams. Our eldest daughter felt very much like an exam guinea pig as her teachers struggled to get through the new curriculum and, having no past papers to go on, it was hard to know what to expect.

Though exams may differ, I'm sure that students across the globe experience the same emotions - anticipation, anxiety and fear. Every pupil knows that those 'results' can open doors of opportunity and choice, and,  just as easily, close them too.

While we were on holiday and enjoying the sunshine there was still that niggling date in the back of our minds - the dreaded Results Day! H has had the same ambitions since she was about 4 years old. Now 16, she still wants to study drama and hopefully have a career in film - lofty aspirations indeed, especially when I look at the list of drama schools she plans to apply to (my chances of her staying in Scotland where there are no tuition fees look slim! #mayhavetosellakidney)

I'm pleased to say that she did brilliantly and got the A grades she really wanted. We're all incredibly proud of her especially when you consider that as someone with dyslexia getting that A in English was an achievement indeed. So here's to you, my clever daughter, you're one step closer to living the dream! 

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