Saturday, 23 March 2013

This week I have learned...


...that in my new furry boots, warmest winter coat and woolly hat I look like a yeti. Not really the look I was hoping for but good for frightening small children on the playground and I was definitely warm (in fact I thought I was running a temperature as it was such an insulating ensemble)

...that this works better than cough medicine. Also guaranteed to promote high decibel snoring and ensure you have the marital bed to yourself.

(image credit:

...that it is best to remember to apply make-up to both eyes rather than just one, especially if you want to present a professional image at parents' evening. That's what happens when I try to multi-task, I don't finish anything!

...that it is not a good idea to attempt to eat a brie, grape and watercress sandwich while driving.  The brie was delicious but the grapes and watercress I ended up wearing.

...that the only place where there is any sign of Spring here is in the kitchen and...that S's 'Happy Biscuits' are delicious. 


  1. Ha Ha!
    Off to find some produce of Islay for my cough. And SO identify re the brie and grape...

  2. I have done the eye makeup thing before. Black eyeliner, mascara and shadow all on one...wasn't pretty!

  3. Sage advice! I've done the brie and grape car is like a linchbox on wheels...and a bit whiffy!