Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Look back...Wednesday

Sickly children in the Little House has meant I'm a little late in the week to be looking back at the weekend (I'm already looking forward to Friday!) It was a great weekend though and made all the more special by Halloween silliness, the company of good friends, fireworks in the garden and a magnificent selection of cakes! 

The chocolate coated apples proved to be difficult to create and most of the chocolate ended up on the floor!

They proved tricky to eat too
The Wonderful Man did a wonderful job carving the pumpkins and I especially loved the moon and stars design:

Very whimsical

Halloween was extended into Saturday and S really went to town on her outfit.  She decided to be a Victorian vampire and her older sister thoroughly enjoyed being make-up artist.


 We braved the cold and the wind and had a mini firework party in the front garden.  The boys (sorry men) were enjoying themselves with the pyrotechnics and scuttled about the garden with tapers and torches.

The girls sat along the front wall, wellies dangling and little faces turned upwards, craning their necks to the sky and a chorus of 'Oohs' and 'Aarrhhs' ensued.

Then back inside and gathered around the kitchen table we tucked into the bring-a-dish delights (including a yummy veggie chilli with a kick) and a overwhelming selection of cakes including delicious lemon slices made by the youngest member of the party - very impressive.

I love all the different conversations going on in this photo
Thank you friends for your generosity and your good company.  

"The bird a nest,
the spider a web
man friendship"

William Blake

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