Monday, 29 October 2012

Look back Monday...

Some scenes from the weekend...and what a funny weekend it was.  The Wonderful Man decided to play out a stolen version 'The Good Life' and filched a fresh 'neep' (swede) from the field opposite: 

The French claim that swede is only good for cattle and the English!

But it made a delicious soup

The recently harvested fields make a good walking ground.  The straw makes a satisfying crunch underfoot like a stubbly version of snow. Looking to the east, Torness power station dominates the horizon. I'm fascinated by how it seems to change - there's a peculiar beauty in its ugliness That sounds a very odd thing to say but it has a real chameleon quality; on a dismal grey day it fades to grey too. If there's a real sea mist and heavy cloud then it often looks like it might be floating. Bass Rock is just to the left of it and far out on the right a solitary container ship makes its way north (I wonder what it might be carrying?)

Saturday night a gathering of ghouls, devils and witches celebrated an early Halloween, birthday and wedding anniversary all thrown into one.  Yummy snacks of werewolf toes, bats' ears and satan's eyeballs were enjoyed by all (translation: sausage rolls, crisps and stuffed tomatoes) 

Even Lance, the doped cyclist, and Edwina Scissorhands made an appearance
Meanwhile I dug out a long black wig from the dressing up box and piled on the make-up and da dah - a reasonably convincing Morticia! 

There was no escape from the devil

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