Friday, 1 March 2013

This music...

Smile, it's Friday - yay! What a busy week it's been.  I don't think I've stopped properly all week until now hence my week's absence or 'blog silence' if you will!   For me, listening to music is a great way to just stop and be still for a moment and so this week I've chosen another musical moment in place of an image from the week.

This track by Temper Trap is an all time favourite of mine though it was nearly ruined for me when Centerparcs decided to use it in their sickly 'Memories Start Here' advert.

I have come across many many covers of this song 'Sweet Disposition' but, in its rawest form, as an acoustic version, I feel like I can appreciate the song again.  I like the lack of commercialism or video here though the lead singer does look like he's in pain (perhaps he had a difficult week too). The band are sitting casually  (in hoodies and interesting hats) on an uninspiring stairwell and this was recorded by the rather retro sounding Bedroom Disco TV.  Sit back, smile, it's Friday and I think it must be wine 'o'clock by now - chill!

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