Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little Boxes

Little boxes in the living room
And big boxes in the dining room
There are boxes in the bathroom
There are boxes in the hall
There are book ones and then china ones
There are labelled ones and some blank ones
And they're all made out of cardboard
And they all look just the same

And the Little House in the Borders
Is moving at the weekend 
And we're taking all the boxes
And things won't be quite the same
We'll be packing until midnight 
Then unpacking for a fortnight
And there'll still be lots of boxes 
And we'll all go quite insane! 


  1. I hope it all goes well, good luck x

  2. Is your kitty worried she'll be left behind?! Thinking of you and hope it all goes smoothly. Julie x

  3. Good luck with the packing and unpacking.