Monday, 12 November 2012

Look back Monday...

Sharing with you some favourite scenes from the weekend;  little Luna features in most of them.  The battle against matted fur and mud was lost and she had to be taken to the doggy beauty parlour.  Unfortunately, they seem to have got a little carried away and, although all mud was shampooed away and all matted knots gone, we were left with skinhead Luna - almost bare and about half the size without her Bichon Frise afro. The girls were worried that she would get cold and went to find her a 'jumper' - eventually they decided on a 'Build a Bear' festive jersey.  Poor Luna, I don't know what was worse - being shorn or having those crazy girls dress her up like a teddy bear.

She wore this impractical ensemble for a bracing walk down at Pease Bay where she enjoyed chasing the waves back and forth with S.

We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves; the fading light in the late afternoon made the sea and sky blend into overlapping strips of baby blue.   We could feel the ice cold of the North Sea through our wellies and it wasn't long before the biting wind got the better of girl and beast and we turned back home.

Back in the warm, all the family settled in for a cosy evening of tv, though H stole the softest blanket and kept the dog hot water bottle to herself.

Even Fabbydoo graced us with her presence:

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